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Let’s talk about critical thinking essay

Well, you’ve just received a new writing assignment - essay critical thinking. That’s not a problem that you’ve never written critical thinking essays. Before we get down to this assignment, let’s find the very essence of critical thinking.

The process of thinking normally starts with an open mind. Of course, it’s good to have a definite opinion on any issue, but it would be better to consider things objectively.

Anyone who tends to think critically will most likely agree with the following statements:

  • You hate talk shows, where folks are used to shouting their opinions, without giving any reasons.
  • You always try to figure out what people mean by saying this particular phrase.
  • You’re always more productive in those jobs where you think things out for yourself.
  • You’re used to holding off making your decisions until thinking through all the necessary options.
  • Rather than relying on somebody’s ideas, you prefer reading the material by yourself.
  • You always see the merit in somebody’s point of view, even if you reject it later.
  • If a problem is tougher than expected you keep working on it.
  • For you making intelligent decisions is far more crucial than any winning arguments.

A person, who never thinks critically, behaves in the following way:

  • He never wastes his time looking various things up.
  • He prefers jobs where the supervisor gives quite definite instructions.
  • Regardless of complexity of the problem he’s always assured that there’s a simple solution.
  • He hates teachers discussing problems instead of providing direct answers.
  • If his belief is absolutely sincere, then evidence to the contrary is fully irrelevant.

Developing an ability to think critically may appear to be troublesome because it’s much easier to make hasty judgments based on biases and opinions than evaluate arguments and facts. We go on with our critical thinking essay.

A typical approach to critical thinking includes the following:

  • self-confidence in your abilities to reason
  • readiness to use critical thinking at any time
  • great curiosity to a wide range of issues
  • a strong desire to remain well-informed
  • open-mindedness concerning divergent word views
  • flexibility in considering points of view and alternatives
  • understanding other people’s points of view
  • honesty in facing your prejudices, biases, stereotypes as well as egocentric tendencies.
  • fair-mindedness when it comes to appraising reasoning
  • prudence in making, suspending and altering judgments
  • readiness to revise and reconsider views if required

Writing is the best way to develop critical thinking. The matter is that writing makes people organize their thoughts, evaluate their data in a logical way, contemplate their topic and present conclusions in a persuasive manner. Perfect writing is the epitome of high quality critical thinking. It’s because when you write, you have to logically analyze and synthesize date, and then present this stuff in an adequate concise form. With critical mind you can write a good critical thinking essay.

A critical thinking essay : what’s this?

Most college assignments suggest supporting a thesis. The very essence of an essay about critical thinking is that you don’t necessarily need to know what you’re eager to say about the subject. That’s not about writing to prove what you already know, here you write to learn.

Critical thinking essay s normally consider the weak points and strengths of various solutions to a problem or answers to a question. You don’t need to report information, just think.

An essay with critical thinking normally starts with a question and not a thesis. Obviously, you essay should demonstrate how your thinking changes during the research process.

Essays are short by nature, therefore, writing an essay means being to the point and clear. Your thoughts don’t have any space to wander. It would be better to think of this essay in term of a debate or chat with a classmate. In other words, your essay shouldn’t be formal. Avoid writing this stuff in the third person.

To stay on your topic, keep to the following outline:

  • Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Here you should focus on explaining your topic.
  • Body (at least three paragraphs)

You require writing the body before writing your conclusion and introduction. Here you should examine all the aspects of your topic. Demonstrate your impressive knowledge as well as grasp of the material you’ve already read.

Apart from that in the body, you need to do the following:

  • Discuss different opinion of the topic.
  • Tell us if the research raises issued you haven’t considered.
  • Does your research contain incomplete, confusing or contradictory information?
  • Has your research influenced your thinking?
  • Has your thinking radically changed and in what way?


  • Conclusion(one paragraph)
  • That’s the end of your essay.
  • You shouldn’t introduce new data in the conclusion.
  • Your conclusion normally moves from specific things to general ones.

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