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Writing a community service essay : how to meet the needs of the elderly

As people become older they usually tend to stay close to their communities. This phenomenon is known as “aging-in-place” and it contradicts the general assumption that elderly individuals tend to change location trying to retire in warmer climates. However, the mobility of children and young people in a society is often mentioned in community service essays as the main factor that makes the elderly move and abandon their previously habitable places. Due to the high rate of migration of the young some communities may comprise more than 25 percent of the elderly. The “aging-in-place” phenomenon plays a crucial role for business plan decisions of social service agencies. Quite often, lifelong neighbors, relatives or close friends of the elderly remain near at hand, so a possibility to socialize, share memories and sustain one another provides those people with a happy life and supports them in times of crisis. No one would argue in their community service essay that the presence of friendly faces weights for the elderly even more than simple a sense of well-being and aid. But what are we to do if the problems of the lonely elderly become a matter of social concern and how can we meet their needs in the most suitable way?

Students of social service should have a good coursework definition , as well as appropriate coursework examples approved by the Director/Head of university department before they can proceed with gathering community service essay ideas . At least three groups of the elderly are to be considered in order to create a systematic estimation of their needs: 1) the older people living without assistance in the community (those make approximately 80 percent); 2) the people who cannot live without support and/or are severely impaired (about 15 percent); 3) that small percentage of older people who live in nursing homes (estimated as 6-7 percent). Apart from health services (including mental health care) and personal services, most of the elderly require also social activities, housing and in-home services; and it crucial for the writer of a community service essay that all the three groups have lots of differences in the aforementioned needs.

However, one who is writing a critical essay related to social caregiving and community service must pay a great deal of attention to the personal needs in the first place. Personal care can be defined and classified as follows:


    • immobility problems and management of issues connected with transportation;


    • eating and drinking (especially if the elderly are not able to obtain and prepare food and drink themselves, see groups 2 and 3);


    • personal toilet care (which includes bathing, washing, skincare and minor health care, personal presentation, dressing and undressing);


    • ensuring personal safety and management of behavior (for instance, minimizing risk for the people with mental disabilities and cognitive impairment, as well as minimizing stress for all the elderly);


    • management of urinary and bowel functions (including managing incontinence and maintaining continence);


    • management of prescribed treatment and monitoring medication;


    • other elements of personal care, such as the professional psychological support, teaching, enabling and assistance with cognitive functions (for instance, managing personal things and reminding).


A simple and elegant scheme of composing a community service essay

Strictly speaking, there exists a necessity for the writer of a community service reflection essay to understand that more than one system are being used nowadays to provide medical and social services to the needful elderly. In contrast to a single public service system developed by some European countries, there are three systems of social care in the USA, which means the public services of the USA are complemented by proprietary services and not-for-profit (voluntary) services. Thus, since the beginning of 1960s, the government as well as private and voluntary agencies have been developing multiple programs of social service for the older people. By “programs of social service” in our community service essay we mean services that their main functions are socialization, coordination and counseling. In every US community, local authorities have been making great contributions to general and social services in particular, and these reforms, together with those associated with the health service, still have left open the question of the continuation of the lead agency role of local authorities in community care.

A great number of programs that are created to fulfill the required functions includes information, transportation and referral services, as well as dining and direct service programs. Normally, the students should select the program to write about in a community service essay and only then they can start the sources investigation, preliminary writing and essay editing . As the next step, it is advisable for the students to estimate a value of the program according to ‘four Cs’ principles: 1) Challenge is the ‘C’ that requires an understanding of how and why a service was provided; 2) Consultation is the ‘C’ that counts local taxpayers, partners and companions enabled in the setting of new performance targets; 3) Comparison is the ‘C’ that allows the author of a community service essay to estimate the performance of other services across a range of special indicators and taking into account the preferences of both potential suppliers and service users; 4) Completion is the ‘C’ that establishes the service’s effectiveness and the basics of its efficient work. These principles are applicable not only for an in-classroom analysis but for composing a community service essay , student essays and social caregiving written assignments, as well.

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