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Cold war essay writing tips

One of the most significant events in the world is the cold war, and you should be ready to write an essay on this when you are in the high school or on an advanced level in the colleges. Many people have voiced out the difficulty in writing a cold war essay. But this has kept baffling some people. Well, may I tell you that if you are ever baffled because you heard that the cold war essay is a very difficult terrain, then you are not aware of what it means? It is a very difficult area where only the knowledgeable can thread and succeed. When an essay has a lot of details that needs to be compressed into a very tiny bit and still make sense, then writing it will be left to the masters. Because many relevant things happened during the cold war, a best college essays that try to mention all of them will turn into a huge novel. This is also very difficult because amidst the fact that you have many things to write about, there are also some points that you cannot miss if you ever want to write the essay. Now, there is one major art you should learn before you write a cold way essay. This is the art of being able to differentiate between the things to include in the essay and the things to omit. If you gain this knowledge, then you are actually on your way to a very good writing a persuasive essay on the cold way.

Now, apart from choosing a great topic for your cold war dbq essay , there are things that any essay you write on this subject must include. First of all, you must ensure that the Winston Churchill’s anti-communist speech that served as the burner that triggered the war is captured and explained. The fact remains that many people may read your short essays on the cold war even before reading the history of the cold war itself. So, this is why you must capture all the necessary parts including the actions that led to the war so that people can have at least a holistic understanding of what the cold war is and was all about. The cold war essay is also supposed to talk about the Marshall plan. This is the plan that the US initiated in order to bring down the Soviet Union, and this plan came into being when Russia annexed most of the countries in the eastern part of Europe after the Second World War. This was the plan used by the US to bring succor to these devastated countries in the bid to buy their hearts and cause them to hate Russia. On the other angle, there is the fact that this war, unlike the other wars did not take millions of lives, even though it continued for years up till 1991 when it led to the breakdown of the Soviet Union into many different countries. Another significant part of the war is the Zhdanov doctrine which came as a repression for the marshal plan. Here, the Soviet Union sought to paint the US as one nation that is only out for the domination of the world. With this, many people were indoctrinated to hate the US, and this has also continued in the hearts and minds of many people. You can also look at the propaganda that overtook the war. The Soviet Union probably taught the world the act of propaganda during the war by trying to convince the world that their mission is to protect the democracies of these European countries. They used a lot of information to let the world know that they conquered these nations from American imperialism and are liberating them. Though the US and some European nations opposed this type of democracy by communists, it registered in many minds. Another angle to this war is what it brought to the table about nuclear wars. Now, there was no single nuclear conflict involved, but the tension got to the extent that the first atomic bomb was created in Russia and to avoid detonating this, the armament drive came into place and this has been ongoing till today.

Choosing a topic for cold war essays

Choosing the cold war essay topics will be very easy for you if you have read the paragraph above. The only thing you need to do is to pick one of those significant facts about the war and write around it. However, when you do this, ensure that you capture enough information about other areas because they are all important and will make the essay a complete one. However, you must not talk about them in details in your how to write a reaction paper. When you have this type of essay in front of you, you do not need to panic about it because we offer every type of essay. You may be lucky to have one of the "veterans" with the best information about this war as your writer. If this is the case, of course you will definitely enjoy the best essay so far. There are three main parts of any essay you will enjoy from us for the cold war. It will come with an introduction that directs the reader to what he should expect in the paper. This writing an essay introduction is supposed to also include the thesis statement that should have the main argument you are positing. The other part of the essay should be the body paragraphs, and this will involve about 3 - 5 paragraphs that should have your arguments, their evidence, and examples.

  • Make sure you read enough books to get enough information about the cold war before you write the essay.
  • Make your essay as detailed as possible, yet it should not be too elaborate and must be within the given limit of words.


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