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Taking a glimpse at the civil war essay

In this civil war essay , we’ll briefly review the history of the American Civil War. The American Civil War burst out between the northern states also dubbed «The Union» and southern states (The Confederacy). Now there’s a huge debate about causes that could motivate both parties to war. You’re writing a causes of civil war essay , right? So, we have to look through all possible causes. Some researchers point out to states’ different attitude to the federal government. Others mention taxation, imbalance of trade and so on. We’ve just mentioned almost all civil war essay questions , except one. Yes, that’s one of the most popular questions in civil war essays. Sure, it’s slavery. This terrible social vice had been officially cancelled in the vast majority of northern states, though it was still legal and even crucial to the economy of southern states. The Confederacy required cheap agricultural labor.

The alternative name of this war is the War Between the States or the War of Northern Aggression. Other names include The Second American Revolution, The War of Southern Independence, The War in Defence of Virginia, and so on.

The seceded southern states included Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and Texas. Several southern states didn’t secede. These were Maryland, Delaware and Kentucky. In spite of the fact, Kentucky didn’t secede, the state remained neutral in the conflict. Maryland and Delaware were occupied by the Union troops to prevent them join the Confederacy.

The Union was headed by the president Abraham Lincoln. Jefferson Davis took over the Confederacy. Everything started in 1860, when Lincoln won the presidential election. That provoked Carolina’s secession from the USA. That gave a chain reaction and by February, 1861 up to six states seceded. A bit later that month one more state joined the southern secession. Other southern states were still in the Union.

Lincoln was sworn as a president of America on March 4, 1861. He didn’t recognize the secession in his inaugural address. He called for the restoration of the Union’s borders. On April 12, the Civil War broke out.

An almost successful march of the Union troops on Richmond, the Confederate capital, was stopped by the Confederate troops in the battle First Bull Run. Union troops were forced to retreat to Washington DC.

The Union troops tried headed by McClellan tried to seize Richmond, Virginia once again, but were defeated by the Confederate general Lee in the campaign Seven Days. In that year, the Union suffered another heavy defeat (Second Bull Run). However, they managed to win at the battle of Antietam.

In 1863, the Union troops managed to inflict up to 28,000 casualties on the Confederate Army, in Northern Virginia. Though the Confederate troops reached some success in the Eastern theater, their western campaign wasn’t successful. Their troops had to retreat from Missouri early in the war. In 1862, the Confederates lost Nashville in Tennessee. In that year the Union troops seized New Orleans and kept moving up the Mississippi river.

The Union’s most successful general was Grant. He managed to win a series of victories at Shiloh, Fort Donelson, Mississippi, Vicksburg, Tennessee and Chattanooga. Grant appreciated the total war concept. He fully realized that only the complete defeat of the Confederate forces could stop the war. Grant took control of the Union troop in 1864. The Union troops under his direction gradually grounded down the Confederate army.

In 1865, the war stopped with the loss of the Confederacy. All the slaves of the Confederate states were emancipated. In the remaining states, slaves were freed after the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution (December, 1865).

Suggested civil war essay topics

We’ve just finished with a brief overview of the American Civil War. Now let’s cycle through a bunch of actual topics for a civil war essay:

  • What impact did the Bleeding Kansas crisis have on the slavery debate, which took place before the war?
  • Who derived more benefits from the Compromise of 1850, the South or the North?
  • Some researchers consider the Mexican War to be the first battle of the Civil War. Is that true? Give your arguments.
  • Determine Great Britain’s role in the Civil War.
  • In 1850, the vast majority of Northerners would have never relished a thought of fighting the South. Why did they change their point of view?
  • Contrast and compare Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln as wartime presidents. Inform us what challenges they faced and how they overcame them. How’s the best Civil War leader from your point of view?
  • What’s the whole significance of the Emancipation Proclamation? Tell us how it influenced the South and the North.

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