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Basic Information to Check Essay for Plagiarism

When writing college and high school essays, there are certain mistakes that should be avoided by all students, and plagiarism is one of them. Basically, it’s all about copying the ideas and thoughts of other people and representing them as yours. That’s why you should check essay for plagiarism before submitting it to ensure that neither one paragraph nor entire pages are copied from other sources, such as books, other papers, and articles, because this error will compromise your academic success considerably. Once you decide to check essay for plagiarism , you should learn certain tricks and methods, some of them are obvious, while others are hidden. If you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism when completing your college assignments, think about entrusting them to our team of experienced and reputable academic authors who provide a variety of services, including a case study template . The good news is that their quality is high, but rates are low.

  • If you often make specific stylistic or spelling or other mistakes in your academic papers, but then you submit the essay free from them, your professor may suspect you. Pay attention to the concepts and thesis statements you usually make in your coursework for the same reason. Besides, if your research proposal goes well beyond the issues discussed in the class, this can be a red flag for your teacher.
  • Know your basic subject well enough. The main reason is that your knowledge and limits always have an impact when you check essay for plagiarism . How well do you know the topic discussed? Do you feel confident about discussing and writing about it? Can you spot the places where you use the concepts and phrases of other people easily? Make sure you use your own words when stating them in your paper to avoid being accused, and this is what will help you ensure that you’re writing something original.

Important Red Flags to Check Essay for Plagiarism

  • When proofreading your academic papers, look for specific red flags because they indicate plagiarized parts. You shouldn’t miss small differences between your writing and different sources of information. However, this mistake is quite obvious for a teacher who is checking essay for plagiarism .
  • Take into account your spelling because it may give a red flag for the assessors of your assignments if it’s not consistent or switches. For example, when it comes to inconsistent spelling, if you spell the same words in a different way throughout one essay, it serves as an obvious indicator of copying the text. That’s why you should be careful when proofreading your narrative essays . It’s worth mentioning that some students make this mistake simply because they are not familiar with the right spelling of specific words.
  • Pay attention to the expected level of your vocabulary when rewriting passages from the text by using your own words. If you think that the vocabulary used exceeds it, check essay for plagiarism to ensure that it’s original. If your professors know that you’re unaccustomed to higher-level words or terms, don’t use them in your coursework.
  • Don’t forget about the ease and continuity of reading. Take a look at your essay from the reader’s point of view and evaluate it in an unbiased way. Does it seem disjointed, hard to read, or illogical? Do you notice any sudden changes in your writing style? You should double check essay for plagiarism to avoid these mistakes and make sure that it doesn’t appear disconnected.
  • Take into consideration a set of specific points that often indicate on copied sentences and sections. If you need to check an essay for plagiarism , focus on its sentence fragmentation, elaborate or too long sentences (especially if they appear out of place), awkward ships in your points of view, weak sections and a few brilliant areas, etc. Keep in mind that copy and paste passages are different from your own ones in their writing style and tone.
  • Focus on your punctuation to check essay for plagiarism free . That’s because it serves as an obvious red flag (too many students tend to get it wrong). If you often have certain difficulties with punctuation in your academic papers, but then you suddenly become perfect, you risk being accused on plagiarism.
  • Don’t overlook the use of tenses because any shift in them may seem unnatural to professors, especially if this change doesn’t keep with your apparent and normal writing style. Take a look at thesis examples or other samples to get a better idea of the main difference.
  • Search for pronoun inconsistencies when proofreading your text. However, this process can be a bit tricky, so that you may feel confused when trying to comply with it. If you have any difficulties, don’t hesitate to our reliable academic authors who can check essays for plagiarism for you.
  • Read all citations in your academic paper, regardless of their source (books, articles, the Internet, and others). It’s necessary to ensure that they all are cited adequately, because if any of them is missing or poorly cited, you will end up with unwanted plagiarized elements and reduced grades. Choosing excellent thesis topics is not enough for writing a perfect essay because there are other important elements that contribute to its success, such as considering patterns and checking if it’s original. The good news is that you can find many automatic programs that will help you, but the most effective and reliable option is using professional services, such as ours. They are of the highest quality and provided at affordable rates.
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