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General information about the causes of the cold war essay

The Cold War, along with theFirstand the SecondWorld Wars, is one of the most catastrophic and significant events of the twentieth century. That is why the causes of the cold war essay is a difficult homework. It can become a really hard work for a student of university or college. The Cold War has several unique characteristics that sharply distinguish it from any other war. These characteristics are:

  • Blurred start date of the war.
  • No real battles (mostly), no real use of weapons.
  • Domination of the information war.

It is accepted that the ColdWar has begun between the end of the Second World War and a series of political crises in the beginning of sixties. But there is no actual date that can be indicated like in causes of the First World War essay . Actually, some historians give an earlier start date of the Cold War. Creative essays always require a balanced approach and allow to interpret same events differently. Such taskswill be especially interesting for students with humanitarian inclinations.

One of the most important historical points for the Cold War is Yalta Conference. It was held in February of 1945 year between three word leaders - Franklin D. Roosevelt,Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. However, in fact there were only two real sides in this meeting – Soviet Union from the one side and Western Civilization headed by the United States from the other side. The goal of the conference was to discuss the re-establishment of the post war Europe. The conference has showed the weakness of the alliance and disagreements between allies. Unlike during the Teheran Conference in 1943 year, Soviet Union did not needed help from western allies and rigidly dictated its terms. After a few years, when the term «Cold War» appeared, historians started to talk about the conference as the beginning of the «cold» confrontation between the Soviet Union with the Warsaw Pact countries and The United States and the NATO (France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and other Western Europe).

Opponents in the Cold War did not use usual weapons like in two World Wars. The most powerful weapon in the second part of the twentieth century became the information. For example, the Soviet Union and the United States were continuously involved in the arms race. They collected a huge number of nuclear weapons but have never used them. Fortunately for all people on the Earth!The world civilization will never survive in a nuclear war. Thereby, the inability to use massive weapons is an integral part of the Cold War. That is why the confrontation in the second part of the twentieth century has been moved to the next level – informational. Origins of the cold war essay will always include such concepts as propaganda and war of threats.

Weapons in the Cold War

There are plenty of courseworks about the informational war nowadays. But such weapon began to grow rapidly only in the second part of the twentieth century. Propaganda origins are rooted in the mists of time. Every strong state was always interested in creation of strong and positive image of authorities. At the same time, it showed enemies as aggressive and insidious tyrannies. Propaganda was widely used in totalitarian countries – Nazi Germany and Italy during the reign of Mussolini, Soviet Union, China and others. But the causes of world war one essay very often shows the elements of propaganda in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia already in the beginning of the twentieth century. During the Cold War countries of both opposite blocks started to build weapons not to use them, but to make threats. This have created unprecedented threat to the whole human civilization from the one side and world balance of power from the other. Such balance was based on the responsibility of each block. For example, the United States could not use their forces in countries of Warsaw Pact because of the threat of using the nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union. Same was applied to the Soviet Union and its actions in the countries of NATO and other Western Europe. However, there still were several armed conflicts between two blocks, but superpowers took part in them invisibly. In every war of the worlds essay can be mentioned about such conflicts. For example, during the Korea War in the beginning of the fifties both blocks were taking a part in a conflict. There were American forces, some other forces from the Western Europe. They officially fought together with South-Korean troops. The Soviet Union could not officially intervene in the conflict due to the threat of a nuclear war. But they helped North Korea and Chinese troops with aircraft, tanks and training of officers.

There are plenty of examples of the United States and Soviet Union taking a part in a military conflict. During the Vietnam War the United States helped the Vietnam Government with troops, while the Soviet Union helped rebels. The opposite situation was during the Afghanistan war. The main rules for such confrontation of blocks are:

  • No direct fights between the US and the USSR.
  • Only in countries that are not the part of the block.

However, despite all unwritten rules there were several big crises between blocks. The main are Berlin Crisis and Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961-1962 years, respectively. In those years the world was catastrophically close to the nuclear war. But diplomacy somehow saved the civilization and the world still maintains the balance. The topic of the Cold War is difficult, because it requires a clear possession of the facts. At the same time student should always maintain his (or her) interpretation and think creatively. Buy the way, there are plenty of professional writing services that can help with such task as psychology paper , accounting paper, 1000 words essay and so forth.

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