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What to write in a career goals essay

When it comes to making decisions about your future career, it is helpful to write them down into your notepad. Therefore, if you are asked to write a career goal essay in your high school, college or university, don't get upset, as long as you will certainly benefit from completing this task. Time goes fast so it is necessary to start thinking of your career as soon as possible. It is proved by scientists that people who write their goals down are more successful in their careers and personal life than those, who keep their goals in mind and never write them down. The point is, tomorrow you may want what you don't want today, and in a half of a year you may want what you will hate tomorrow. In order not to get lost in your own thoughts, writing them down is always a good idea.

Obviously, you write there your career goals. But how to come up with the goals? This is more complicated issue than writing an essay. Therefore, before you proceed to the process of writing, give yourself some time and think thoroughly of the goals that you want to achieve within your career.

When we talk about any kind of goals, we should mean a specific and gaugeable accomplishment that you want to complete or achieve by means of certain efforts. Your goals may be grounded on your childhood dreams or your biggest hope. However, in comparison to these abstract terms, a goal may be achieved only if to make efforts and it depends on you personally. When you write down your goal, you narrow it and describe its key points, which is helpful in concentration on measures that you need to take in order pursue your goal. Research on psychology has demonstrated that setting goals is both challenging and beneficial. Anyway, below we provided some steps that you may take in order to determine your career goals and, eventually, to write a remarkable essay about career goals.

Formulate your goals within several steps

  • On the first place is defining what means to you a lot. Scientists have proven that if to ground goals on something meaningful to you personally and on something that motivates you, you have more chances to achieve your goal.
  • Think about the importance of other issues, apart from career, in your life. What place does your family take? What would you choose if you had to, career or your children?
  • Determine your best side. What talents do you have? What can you do the best possible way? Is it painting? Management? Trade? What area attracts you: whether you want to get involved into the world of business or into the world of art, politics, etc.
  • Prioritize fields of occupation that attract you. Put them in an order from the most important to the less important. Is the pattern getting clear?
  • Now it is time to narrow your goals. You have already quite a broaden picture, so you need to make it as narrow as possible. The point is, you cannot build several careers at a time, can you?
  • Define the person, whom you want to become. Imagine yourself in ten years. Who do you see? Is it a successful businessman in a suit or an artist with long hair wearing jagged jeans and a t-shirt?
  • Define what precisely you want to do. Now that you have a picture of your future self, imagine what you can do. Is the pattern getting more complete?
  • Decide when. This is an important step because this is the place, where you give yourself certain period of time for accomplishing your career goals. However, you need to divide your main goal into several little goals and decide how much time accomplishing each of them will take. Then, put all the time periods together and you will know how much time you need in general.
  • Decide the place, where you want to achieve your goal. Is it your native city? Or maybe you want to move to another city, country or to another continent?
  • Think how it is possible. This is where you determine your opportunities. Knowing by means of what you can accomplish your goal and realizing whether you have the needed means or not is already half of your road.
  • Ask yourself why. Now that you know a lot about your career goals and how you can achieve them, it is time to answer a simple question: why do you want it? What attracts you in that or another kind of occupation?
  • Use only positive words when describing your goals. Scientists have proved that people who frame their goals as positive have more chances to accomplish their goals than those who define goals as negative.
  • Develop a detailed plan. When all the previous steps are taken, you possess all essential information that allows you to make a good plan describing step-by-step how to achieve your goals.
  • Determine essential tasks within your goals. Day after day you need to do something helpful for your future goal. These little actions that you commit every day are called as everyday tasks.
  • Proceed to working on your career goals!

Keep in mind that only those achieve success in their careers, who are ready to learn every day. Don't ignore thousands of opportunities to learn. Once you have taken all the steps mentioned above, all you need is writing them down and you will get a great academic and career goals essay. The same concerns if you need to write a personal career goals essay.

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