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No one denies that writing for work and academic purposes is a fully developing skill. Moreover, it’s a practical ability. Unfortunately, just writing on your own isn’t enough to develop this crucial skill. Ideally, you’ll require a great deal of feedback from your tutors, colleagues and pals, not to mention huge amounts of writing practice to develop the required abilities and improve them.

Of course, in this case you’ll achieve nothing without good books on essay writing . That’s undoubtedly worthwhile to dip into them for some reference purposes. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let them dominate. Keep in mind that communication combined with regular feedback are the keys to your long-awaited success.

Some books on essay writing boast useful appendices as well as reference sections that can greatly help you to develop specific knowledge of essay writing on books . Reputable books on essay writing contain everything required to make you a good academic writer.

There’re a number of reasons explaining to us why it’s so hard to develop the required writing skills on your own. Let’s cycle through these reasons here below:

  • A writing style gradually develops as the author reads more and more and respectively acquires more experience.
  • Writing is a fully interactive ability, mainly relying on the audience to get feedback.
  • Unfortunately, writing often appears to be unproductive and demotivating, especially when practiced in isolation.
  • Everybody approaches writing in his own unique way. Respectively, there aren’t any set formulas for writing a good essay. You can’t find it in books on essay writing .
  • Some people feel anxious when it comes to writing anything. They often stumble on the so-called «writers’ block», so they feel they have nothing to write about.
  • Writing could be a serious challenge for those having disabilities such as dyslexia. However, many students with this health disorder appear to be good writers.

Your academic writing skills definitely require development. Let’s do it. As well as studying from books on essay writing , it’s also worth trying the following methods for developing your writing skills:

  • You require getting used to planning, brainstorming and making drafts. You can always improve your drafts. Your definitely need a book on essay writing .
  • Set up you own blog. That’s a good way to practice your writing skills. Just jot down your ideas quickly and enjoy motivating feedback from your audience.
  • It would be useful to read tons of academic texts to memorize stylish and catchy phrases and idioms. You can find tons of worthy tips in the best books on essay writing .
  • Trying to write like a famous philosopher or another writing celebrity is a worthless undertaking. Just be clear with presenting your thoughts. Of course, don’t forget to read books on essay writing .
  • Don’t consider your writing to be a sort of secret. On the contrary, you should exchange and share your writing with other people. it’s so thrilling to collect a bunch of different views on your work.
  • Nobody appreciates being criticized. Nevertheless, you should be philosophical and calm when it comes to accepting criticism. Don’t be too resistant, as certain changes are required anyway. Early criticism of your work by professional tutors will help you to avoid many mistakes and become more advanced and skilled in terms of writing. This valuable experience can’t be obtained from books on essay writing .
  • You require making sure you know what you’re actually aiming for. Have a look at models and examples of perfect academic writing. If you’re currently working on a PhD, get familiar with examples of theses in your university library. Try not to overlook good books to write essays on .
  • Get yourself acquainted with the genre of the chosen discipline. For instance, academics in education studies have a specific writing style, very different from that one used in English literature.
  • Don’t reduce your writing sessions to IELTS tests.
  • It makes sense to send off your paper for publication if you’re a post-doctoral writer. In this case you can count on useful feedback even if your paper is rejected.

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