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The content of a typical biography essay example

It doesn’t matter how important or exciting a particular person’s life is, we know for sure that a poorly written biography will spoil the overall positive impression of him or her. Whether you’re working on the first installment of your three-book biography or an ordinary biographical essay, it should be thoroughly researched and perfectly written. Stick to the recommendations provided in one of these biography essay examples if you really want to create a catchy biography.

As many biography essay examples free state, you firstly require researching your subject. A biography can be defined as a real person’s life story written by somebody. It can take just one page or occupy even several books. For example, take a look at Mark Twain’s biography. It’s up to a biography to explore a person’s life events and discover meaning within them.

You require finding anything written about your subject. Well, these items could include letters, books, newspapers, pictures, internet articles, interviews, videos and so on. Additionally, before getting down to work, make sure you have all the necessary permissions to use the materials mentioned above in your research.

Conducting interviews is another must-have thing for any biography example essay . There’s no doubt interviewing other people will breathe life into this e xample biography essay . People interviewed by you can tell you a bunch of worthy stories, which might be unavailable in official sources. If there isn’t an opportunity to interview that man you’re writing about, it makes sense to interview somebody who knew or know the subject. You’re free to conduct your interview in any form, including a phone conversation, email or even in person. Don’t forget to be professional and extremely courteous it comes to interviewing the required person.

Apart from that, it would be a good thing to visit some places important to the subject’s life. Thus, you’ll put yourself in her or his shoes. Don’t forget to take some pictures for your biography essay.

Explore what influenced, interested and inspired your subject. Find out what he or she was passionate about. Perhaps, it was poetry, botany, architecture, classical music. Just immerse yourself in this stuff. Discover why your subject enjoyed this particular hobby. How did it influence his work and life in general?

It’s up to you to study the place and time of your subject’s life. Do some research on what life was like at that time. Find out what role the subject played in the society of that time. Don’t overlook regional differences.

Now it’s time to shift to analyzing the subject’s life. You require recording every event you can, including such basic facts as death, birth, marriage and so on. Someone could greatly contribute to shaping your subject’s fate. Don’t forget to mention these people in your autobiography essay.

In you biography essay you can’t do without a solid thesis statement. That’s can be defined as a summary of the claim you’re going to make in this biography. It should be based on your major view of the subjects’ life.

Your thesis should introduce the overall significance of the subject’s life for history. Here you can tell how this particular man or woman changed the world we live in. Tell us what led to the subject’s demise or success.

Now you can get down to the writing process. Make an outline and fill in the required details. Exactly at this stage, you should decide which events in the subject’s life deserve to be regarded as significant to be focused on. The overall organization of your autobiography essay needs to support the thesis.

As a true autobiography essay writer you need to be chronological with your narration. You require going by your timeline. Carefully recount every significant event in the order in which everything happened. Sure, it’s the simplest way to go. On the other hand, with this approach it’s going to be much harder to support your thesis.

You definitely require shaping your biography into a narrative. In other words your biography will gently flow like a story, gradually engaging your readers. Make use of the engaging language as well as authentic facts form the subject’s life.

You’d better create multiple drafts. Well, you can hardly create a good biography in a day. Once the first draft is ready, step away for a while and then get back to it with fresh mind. Most probably, you’ll have to redo the original draft.

Have somebody else read the newly written biography. It really makes sense, you might have overlooked something and new eyes will notice hidden glitches for sure.

Having proofread it, come up with a good title. However, you can do it before getting down to writing. The title should fully reflect the subject’s character, not to mention your thesis statement.

Finally, you need to cite all the necessary quotes used in your autobiography. If you have certain instructions for this assignment, have a look once again. Make sure you’ve picked up the right style (APA, MLA,etc ).

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