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Best friend essay details

Another area that is of everyday importance is friendship. This is also related to love in some level or degree. Because of this, you should also be ready to write lots of essays about your best friend. One thing about best friend essay is that your confusion starts from the onset, because it is almost always not easy to pick out the best amongst your friends, not to talk about knowing the things to write down about them. Remember, this is an essay that you cannot just create in your head. When you were told to write a best friends essay , you are being told to explain a part of your life as is. So, you should sit down and craft truthful and passionate things about your best friend in real life. now, when you are given the assignment, your first task is to decipher whether you are being asked to talk about a best friend in general, what their lives looks like and how to handle them, or whether you are being asked to recount about your best friend. However, no matter the nature of your writing an informative essay about your best friend, you have to start by describing or defining the concept of a best friend in general. This is where your essay should focus on. Make the distinction between the best friend and the non-best friend or ordinary friend. This part of the essay must talk about the expectations from a best friend. What they should do that the non should not do, what they should have that the non should not have and many other things.

This essay should go a further step in trying to explain how you met your best friend and how the friendship that now exists between the both of you started. The most important part of the essay is when you should talk about the challenges that you have gone through which strengthened your friendship and how your friendship has come to grow to become this strong. The best friend essays are laden with the parameters that have defined your friendship all through. Have you been living with the person in the same place? Was this friend the one that saved you from an ugly situation or was the friendship formed when you passed through some challenges together? You may also want to talk about the things you like in this friend that has acted as the bond which has made the both of you inseparable. After writing about the things that concern the friendship in the best friend essay , it will be the time to concentrate on your best friend. However, before we tell you about the things to write here, we need to know if you already know that our writers can develop a wonderful essay on your best friend for you. Yes, we can, and that is not in doubt. All you need to do is to furnish us with the necessary information about this friend, coupled with your experience with the friend and the instructions given by your lecturers about the essay. If you do this, you will have a completed essay from us in a jiffy. Are you in need of a book report, just tell us the name of the book and give us the instructions, and you will get a completed report from us soonest. We are masters of the deadline and therefore will always deliver your work days and hours before the deadline. This is because we have enough writers to take on your assignments. These writers are also people with certifications in different fields. The only writer that will handle your grant proposal is a business expert who is a master in workable proposals.

Things to write about your best friend

When you are doing the body of the essay, you must focus on discussing the what is thesis statement you have given in the beginning of the essay. This should be the basis upon which all other arguments are made in the paper. When you want to write about the personality of your friend in the essay best friend , you have to ask yourself how caring this best friend is, how supportive he or she has been to you in moments of heartbreak and depression. Has he sacrificed a lot of things to be with you in the hospital while you were sick? What are the wonderful things he has done for you as a person and in the academic field? You may also move ahead to discuss how lucky and fortunate you feel to have someone like this your best friend in your life and the efforts you have made to make the friendship a lasting one.

The process of writing essay best friends should involve a very deep moment of brainstorming, where you sit down and think deeply. When you brainstorm, process and absorb the thought and jot them down in a piece of paper. When you are through with this, you should move ahead to research about friendships and the significant things about them. There are wonderful things about your friend that you may not realize until you read other people's essay about best friends. After this, you should now map out the points you will argue in the essay and sit down to do the drafts. During your essay conclusion, you should try and reiterate the main thesis in the work but in a very new twist, just as you do in a thesis conclusion.

  • Give a verdict about your best friend here and what you have both benefited from the friendship.
  • Your best friend essay should not exceed four sections and the body paragraphs must be written in such a way that all the arguments you make about the friend must be supported by evidence and practical examples backing the evidence.


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