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Argumentative essay on drinking age details

Because the college is made up of teenagers and young people, essays that talk about things that affect them directly will always come up, and one of the most prevalent is that which talks about the current drinking age and the agitation by many people for the government and lawmakers to bring it down a little bit. When you have this task on your hand, you may not need much research as a young man because you already have a lot of ideas about it. However, young people will always go in the direction of advocating for a reduction in this, while the elderly ones will normally go for the status quo. Now, whenever you are told to write this type of essay, you should do the society one good thing and that is trying to make this generic essay personal. In most societies, this serves as the avenue through which they get to know what the young people think about such laws. So if you are really in favor of reduction of the age, you should say so and stand your ground with relevant arguments. Who knows, you may be the one to give them reasons to change this. Having said this, it will be good for us to acknowledge that drinking age argument essay is not an easy essay to write because of its argumentative nature. However, with our help, you can produce an awesome essay. How do we do this? We have an online writing firm that helps college students with their theses and dissertations by offering thesis examples , templates, topics and other helps.

When you need a fresh essay on drinking age from the scratch, it will take us few hours before we present one to you. Our essays are written by professional writers and people who have academic qualifications. They are graduates, master's and doctorate degree holders who work for the passion they have in education. They will help you as if they are helping their friends, and at the end you will not only have the best essays, you will also learn how to write great essays. Now, if you know what to write about the drinking age but do not know how to put it in writing, you can also work with our writers. They will teach you the way to portray and present your thoughts in a systematic and vivid manner to the readers so that they will read and understand you. Since this is an argumentative essay on drinking age , you must write with the intention to convince, and it is only through our tutorials that you can learn how to convince people to buy your opinion. Even if you are faced with the most abstract how to write a philosophy paper , it will not cost you a fortune to get this from our philosophy graduates.

Argumentative essay on drinking age tips

You have to realize that your essay on drinking age is generally meant to say what you think about the subject. You can structure it in the form of a writing a compare and contrast essay that tends to make people see the benefits of reducing the age and that of leaving it at the current age. You should eventually end it with the argument that showcases the side you chose as being more beneficial. if you want to argue in favor of bringing this age down in your essay, some of the areas’ you will base your arguments include the fact that since 18 years olds have been given the right to vote, marry and serve in the nation’s military, they should also have the right to eat and enjoy what they feel like. The more pertinent argument is that people that are even below 18 years of age can drive and even become parents, so why the focus on drinking. The main argument for a persuasive essay on drinking age here is that raising the drinking age above this contradicts all the other laws that were pegged at this age. You may also argue in the direction that they now see alcohol as a big deal and an adventure because it is restricted. When this is made available, the frenzy about it will simply die off. This will even teach them on time to drink responsibly. If this is restricted, the underage people are likely to overdo alcohol when they eventually arrive college and realize that they are now up to the age and can now enjoy the big deal alcohol. If you are in college and will want to focus your apa paper on this type of social issue, we will supply you the facts that will make the best paper.

If you choose to argue on the side of keeping the age where it is, you have to look at things like an increase in the chances of 18-year-olds getting involved in violent crimes and other alcohol-related incidents. The truth is that most of the shootings we witness today are done by people below 21, even when they are not intoxicated. Just imagine what will happen if this is legalized. Because of the immaturity and lack of experience by teenagers, there is always the likelihood that they will abuse this, and adults have the responsibility to ensure that they are protected. Your drinking age argumentative essay may also focus on the fact that the brain of teenagers is still going through the development stages during this age bracket and can be impaired and damaged when the excess use of alcohol is allowed.

  • You have to remember that the purpose of every argumentative essay is to allow you to state your position on the issues. So after all analysis, your position is the most paramount thing.
  • You must write this with the standard five paragraph essay format which involves an introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.
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