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Animal testing essay details

The practices of using animals to test new drugs and food so as to ascertain the impact they will have on human beings have been in place for a very long time. This practice means gathering a number of animals and administering some of the substances on them and allowing some period of time to see the impact of such on the animals. This is a practice that has been in existence in the medical field for a very long time and at the same time, it has been an object of public debate for a very long time. You may be asked to write an animal testing essay when you get into college. This essay may come in your ethics and philosophy course and it may come in other courses especially if you are in the social science or medical field. If you have not heard about animal testing as a concept before or you have but do not have any valuable information about the practice and its processes, you will not know where to commence the short essays about them from. In this case, you have only one option and that is the option of running to us for help. When you come to us with an assignment of this nature about animal testing, we will first of all, give you a seasoned tutorial about animal testing, which may involve a writing a definition essay about the concept. This will give you the most basic information about animal testing and place you on the part to a great essay. This is actually one of the reasons why we are better than other firms that offer similar services. Most of them are only bent on writing the essay for students. But we will take it to a whole new level, which includes trying to figure out ways of making you understand how to write the essays yourself. The tutorials we offer you on an animal testing essay is a very personal one, and it is done on a one on one basis where you spend some time with experts listening to them and getting invaluable ideas about the essays.

Our strong point is that we do not discriminate in what we offer. When we say this, we mean that any type of service you demand will be offered to you. If your problem is generating the workable topic for your animal testing essays , we will help you with the best topic and also teach you how to generate one. If your problem is the format and outline for the essay, then you will enjoy our templates and examples, and they come to you at very low costs. If you start the work and get hooked along the line you should also not shy away from what you need to do. Just get in with us and we will complete the work for you. We don’t offer short essays alone, coursework definition is also within our enclave. Many people think that sitting down to edit and proofread their essays is a waste of time. But this is one thing that can make or mar your hard work. This is why we also offer expert essay proofreading services. Are you through with your essay about animal testing and needs to give it a finishing touch. This is what we specialize in. Our writers will not only edit and proofread the work to perfection; they will also give it the Midas touch that will place it above average. While we are dealing with your essay, you may wish to bring your friend who is in need of a cover letter for his job search or college application. If you do this, we will also help them out.

Animal testing essay arguments

There are two major forms of essay you may write about animal testing. It may be a narrative essay about the concept, where you talk about the things that are involved in the testing, its origin, and development. On the other angle, you may be doing an argumentative essay about animal testing, and here, you have to take a side either in support of the testing or against it. When you are writing pro animal testing essay, your arguments should include the benefits of the testing to the entire world, including humans and animals, and how it is not of any threat to the environment. You may talk about how it helps researchers to find drugs and treatments that have been used in curing humans and animals alike. You can make references to treatments to such diseases as HIV, cancer, Ebola, and many others. Insulin, vaccines and antibiotics have been tested by using animals. On the other ground, your essay about animal testing may focus on the fact that the testing has helped in ensuring the safety of drugs used by humans. There may be dangers associated with some drugs and other substances, but through animal testing, these are discovered and corrected.

However, when you are arguing against this, your animal testing essay thesis may focus on the violation of the sanctity of animals, even though religious studies opposes this by stating that animals are not sacred and intelligible. Here, you have to look at an enormous number of animals being killed or kept in captivity during this process. There have been cases where some of the tested substances are not used for any important purpose, yet animals die because of this. Some people will hinge their opposing argument on the fact that it is a very expensive process. This is because of their feeding, housing, and care before they could be administered with these drugs. Your argument may focus on the fact that animals and humans are not exactly the same, so the testing cannot be said to be credible.

  • Make sure your essay is written with the basic argumentative essay format and style if you are choosing any side.
  • You must ensure that you give a verdict at the end of the essay, strengthening your arguments on the side you choose.
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