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Abortion pro choice essay writing tips

One thing you should understand is that in college, you will not be given essays according to what you like. We have told you that whenever you are told to write an essay on an area without a specific topic, you should go ahead and choose the topic that you are interested in, in support of and passionate about. Again, when you are given a topic and told to take a position, you should take the position you will normally take in real life about the issue. This is because you will be talking with pure love, conviction and authority. However, college narrative essays become very difficult when you are told the position to take in your essay, and more so when you are told to adopt a position you do not buy. You will see yourself arguing in favor of something you do not approve. This is where your creative writing skills will come to the fore. If you are an anti-abortion person, the abortion pro choice essay will simply assess whether you are able to write in a purely objective manner and jettison all your religious, moral and personal bias in the process. This is one of the areas many writers will not like to delve into. But in most cases in college, you find out that you cannot run away from pro-choice abortion essays. In writing this type of essay, you should structure it like any other argumentative essay where you are to take positions based on the pros and cons of the subject. It should have the normal 3 sections with about 5 paragraphs. These should include the introduction, the body of the essay and the conclusion.

The introduction part of this pro choice abortion essay should start by talking about what abortion is. Define abortion here and give the legal history of abortion that brought it to the level of debates at present. Talk about the legalization and why it was legalized in the US. Many people believe it was legalized in the US when the government discovered that modern advances in medicine have eradicated most of the risks that was associated with abortion. It will also be good for you to mention the age bracket or group where abortion is prevalent. This is where you will state that it is prevalent among teenagers and in cases of unwanted pregnancy. Others are people who made use of the failed contraception, rape victims and the people who feel ashamed of being pregnant. Mothers who feel that the pregnancy is a risk to their health and people who simply do not want to get their sexy physique spoilt as they say it also engage in abortion. In some other cases, mothers who do not have the resources to support the child also tend to abort. It is after this that you will now state the fact that you are either making a pro choice or anti-choice in the essay. The thesis statement which should conclude this part and it should line up the arguments you intend to pursue the abortion essay pro choice with. You have to remember that your abortion pro choice essay will be the best when you start it with a hook that will attract anybody that looks at the first paragraph of the essay. You have to know that the pro choice is an unwanted side, so for you to get people to read you, you must give something very captivating. We can develop great hooks for you, we can write the entire abortion essay for you and we can offer wonderful dissertation abstracts to you too.

Abortion pro choice essay body paragraph and conclusion

When you want to write the body paragraph of your abortion pro choice essay , you should start with an already mapped out outline, to avoid mixing up things. The number of paragraphs in the essay depends on what you got from your examiner and the number of major arguments and points you want to put up. The three paragraphs method is the standard method anyway. If you have more points, you may organize yours in a way that the smaller arguments or reasons are accommodated under the bigger ones, so that you will use the 3 paragraph system. This is because it makes the work neater and simpler. When you present one argument for the abortion pro choice essays , back it up with evidence and examples, and use good transition words like, therefore, secondly, however, meanwhile, also and many other similar words to move to the next argument.

The conclusion of abortion essays pro choice is another important part of the essay. Let the conclusion give a brief summary of why you are doing the essay. Go ahead to outline the benefits of the essay to the reader. From the benefits, go ahead and make a call to action that should stipulate what your reader are expected to do immediately after reading the essay. Those who are looking for the best resume writing service for their job search should not look far. Go to our website and grab one now. If you are through with your essay, do not hesitate to us so as to offer a last minute Midas touch that will perfect all the imperfect aspects of your work. We will also look at the format with a view to giving it the proper standard. We know the best method of formatting an essay .

  • Your abortion pro choice essay introduction must engage the reader immediately without any preambles.
  • The body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that is crystal clear and very precise, and the conclusion must restate the thesis and offer a verdict.
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