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A raisin in the sun essay guideline for all

When you are writing a book analysis, you have actually moved away from some essay problems. One of those is the problem of choosing a good topic. This is because the book you are writing on is already a topic. The task ahead of you now is to choose the place to focus on. This is also another problem on its own and it should not be treated shabbily. A raisin in the sun essay will actually focus on the book named A Raisin In the Sun, and it could be a simple narrative about the book or a critical look at the book. When you work on this book, you have to approach it like every other college literary analysis essay. The most paramount part of the writing is trying to understand the book you are working on. Even if you have read this book before, whenever you have to write on a raisin in the sun essay topics , you should go back and have a thorough reading of the book so that the ideas to write about will be fresh in your head. Reading a book for literary analysis and reading a book for the sake of reading are to different things. There are some important things you should do when you read a book so as to critique it. When you are reading this book so as to write a raisin in the sun essay , you should start by finding three main literary tools used by the author in the book. These tools should be examined by you in the main body paragraphs of the essay. You are reminded that your essay must come with five main paragraphs. The introduction which introduces the work you are about to do with information about its author, year of publication, place of publication and the publisher should also tell the readers what you intend to do in the essay, how you intend to do it, and the arguments you want to use in doing. This contains the thesis statement too. This is followed by the body paragraphs, which is where you use three or more paragraphs to enumerate the three or more points or arguments you are putting up in support of your thesis, with evidence and examples to back them up. This is followed by the one paragraph conclusion which serves as a restatement of your thesis just like in a personal statement writing. The function of each part of the essay is not to be overemphasized. Whether you are writing a science essay, whether you are writing a compare and contrast essay or a how to write a philosophy paper , as far as it is a short college essay, it must come with the above format.

The author’s use of the literary tools should form the crux of the critique and analysis you will offer in a raisin in the sun essay . Look at the plot of the book and see how the events are arranged. From here, you move to the author’s use of figurative languages like metaphor, simile, oxymoron and others that make the paper very sweet, matured and comprehensible. These are the things that bring out the sensibilities of the characters. You should also look at the tone used by the author in the book. Is it a humorous one, is it more of preaching, sympathetic and others and how exactly were these used. Also, look at the consistency of the use of these tones. You have to look at why each particular tone is used, the effects of the tone on the essay and what the work would have looked like if the tone was not used or if another tone was employed in the book. You should also look at the author’s use of imagery. You can look at how imagery was used, the results, how good they made the essay look and examples of the used imagery in the work. A raisin in the sun essay should also have a look at the use of symbolism. Those things that were said with the intention of portraying another meaning must be looked at and how they were able to give the intended meaning investigated. A raisin in the sun essay that does not look at the point of view of the author is actually not a good essay. So this is another important aspect of the essay you should write. Look at the person telling the story, what they know which you may not know, why they are sounding the way they do, what informed their thoughts and many others. It is in this stage that you may want to go back and look at other stories by the same author, so as to ascertain how they think. If you allow us to do this essay for you, you will see all these details being explored. We will also do a complete science paper for you if that is what you need. Take a good look at the characters in the book. The qualities that are assigned to individuals in the book must be looked at properly. You should investigate why certain qualities are assigned to some characters in the book and how their actions affect other characters. Pay more attention to the major characters of the book. Look at the setting of the book to see the context under which the event happened. This will help you in answering lost of a raisin in the sun essay questions . You should also us when you need a case study interview.

How to write a raisin in the sun essay with steps

The book talks about different people who lived in the same house but with different dreams. They are Lena, Walter, Beneatha and Ruth, and the main plot of the book looks at how their different dreams became dreams deferred. When you have looked at the literary tools, the second step in writing your essay should be to write an outline for a raisin in the sun essay . The outline should come with an introduction, paragraphs with 1st, second and third tools for the explanation of the work and then the conclusion.

  • When you have an outline for this essay, you must endeavor to follow the outline religiously, so that your thoughts will be well structured.
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