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5 page essay: The most important details

This is the most common type of essay written in any academic setting. Those in the colleges and high schools cannot run away from this type of essay no matter the type of course they are reading. You have to know that a 5 page essay has a lot of nuances with the other types of research papers like lab report format. Now, this type of essay has been described by many as a simple one, but it is still a very difficult one to write because only people with the right information can write it. The two main things that are required in writing a good essay here are the literary skills and the sense of creativity. If you have mastered the act of writing and are creative enough, your 5 page essays will always be the best. Another angle to this type of essay is that it entails writing few words about a very broad topic, so you need to know the ones to pick and present and the ones to abandon. For you to have such information, you have to study and read a lot about the topic. This is the area that makes many people run away from writing a 5 page essay. However, we offer dissertation writing services to students and we also offer essays of 5 pages. Now, when you want to write this essay, you should bear in mind that you are writing something similar to the 5 paragraph essay. This is to say that you have to structure your essay with 5 different parts. The parts will include an introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. These parts are later divided in such a way that the introduction will have only one paragraph dedicated to it, the body paragraphs should be three in number while the conclusion will have one paragraph, making up for the 5 paragraphs. Your essay can not be the best if you do not write with the right 5 page essay outline. Because of this, once you are given the topic to write about, the first thing is to sit down and think about the topic before you organize the essay the way you will write it. At this juncture, you need to go in search of materials for the essay.

Now, you must realize the importance of research and information gathering for your essay. Even if you are writing an essay that asks you to how to critique an article , you still have to research about the article after reading it, so as to gather more opinions about the work. Don’t just work on things on your head. Fresh and live information from journals, the internet, library books, magazine and other book reports and essays will do you a lot of good. Remember that you may have something in mind to say, but may not have the right words and expressions to bring it out. When you read more about these, you will learn how to express the things you have in mind. It is when you must have gathered information and facts that you can now create an outline of how you will line up the arguments, the evidence in support of them and the examples that will validate them in a logical manner to enhance a good literary flow. Do this the same way you organize the 3 page essay outline. If you need an outline from the professionals, then you have an ally in us. We delve into all areas of essay writing and academic help. This is because we want to be the people to see you through your college education, ensuring that you garner the highest points at the end of your college years. You may be the type that works to support your education and therefore, does not have the time to research and come up with this type of essay. You may also be confused because you don’t know how to write the essay. Don’t worry about these. Just hire us and you will enjoy an unlimited help. While we can help you with a complete 5 page essay sample , we also have the service of teaching you how to come up with the best essays. The good thing here is that you can us anytime you have a task, and our customer service agents will always be there to answer you. We have a lot of writers in different fields, so your essay will be uniquely written within the shortest possible time.

Writing the 5 page essay

The fact is that your essay here can be a writing a reflective essay and it can also be a descriptive one. No matter the type of 5 page essay example it is, you have to start with a good introduction. The work of the introduction is to present the topic to the reader. This is also the part where you state the problem you are trying to solve with the essay or the questions you want to answer in the essay. It should talk about the significance of this essay and why it is imperative that you address the issue. This is capped up with a well-formulated thesis statement that puts up your main argument in support of the solution you are offering in the essay. This should be a one paragraph text and it can start with a situation explanation of some historical facts about the topic of the essay.

The body of the 5 page essay involves all your arguments in support of your thesis. This is normally made up of three paragraphs; therefore you can make it one major argument for one paragraph. You should talk about the matters, issues, problems and reasons surrounding your thesis. Ensure that each has supporting evidence and some practical examples. You are also allowed to use citations and quotations here. This is to increase the quality of your work and make it more authoritative. Now, the body of the essay should not just focus on the side you are taking in the essay. It should be a combination of pros and cons, so you should also talk about the other sides in the bid to make the reader have a holistic understanding of the topic before you validate your point and vilify the opposing ones. After this comes the conclusion. Just like the dissertation introduction , this should have only one paragraph, and it should be a synthesis of the contents of the essay and not just a summary of them.

  • Make sure you don’t use the details already used in the main body of the essay in your conclusion.
  • Insure that your conclusion is in total agreement with the thesis you have defended in the essay and you may even relate the essay topic to a real life situation here.


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