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I was born on the 28th of December, 1993 in Murang'a County, Kenya. I am the second born of three siblings. My sister Jane is the eldest while the youngest member of my family is John. My two siblings and I were brought up in rural Kenya and mainly schooled in local schools throughout primary school. Our parents were, and still are primary school teachers. Thanks to their careers in the Kenyan education sector, my siblings and I were able to start our schooling at a relatively young age. I joined Grade 1 at the age of 4 years.
My performance throughout primary school was outstanding. I was on the top of my class throughout primary school. My excellent performance at school saw me ranked as one of the top students in the Murang’a Town Municipality. In fact, I occasionally topped in a number of subject such as English, Science, and Social Studies in the entire municipality. I scored a mean grade of 79.6, an A-minus (A-) at the end of my primary school education. With the grade, I secured a place at Murang’a High School, a top national high school in the country. My excellent academic performance persisted throughout high school. I managed to score a mean grade of 71, a B- (B+). This allowed me to secure a place at Kenyatta University where I pursued a Bachelor of Education (Science) Degree as a government sponsored student. I have also since pursued a Bachelor of Science in Animal Production degree from Chuka University.
Throughout my life, I have always been enthusiastic about learning new skills. During the summer breaks, I pursued a number of courses on the side. While at Kenyatta University, I took the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course. I successfully completed CCNA level 1 to 4. While still at Chuka University, I completed a Graphics Design course at Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS).
After completing my university studies, I made a conscious decision to pursue my passion as a writer as opposed to seeking formal employment. I have over the years worked with a wide variety of academic writing sites. My journey with Kupit-diplomy.com.com began in 2016 when I was lucky to be recruited as one of the company’s writers. Over the years, I have been able to work with over 146 clients. At the present, my reviews are 100 percent positive, a testament to my superb writing skills. Kindly order a paper from me at http://kupit-diplomy.com/order-authors/benndungo/?ref=0373accadec9340f&utm_source=physic_pp.


Bachelor of Education Science




Computer science, Physical education, Computer science

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user539289 user icon 11 April 2019 On Time Positive
Excellent writer and follows instructions well.. again as always very professional and kind human being.
Lanfia user icon 9 April 2019 On Time Positive
Thank you 🙏
user125613 user icon 5 April 2019 On Time Positive
user539289 user icon 28 March 2019 On Time Positive
Writer Benndungo is someone you can always trust and she cares for her customers too!!!
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