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The American Sociological Association Style (ASA) is widely employed by many authors to prepare their research works for publication in specialized ASA journals. The given detailed guide is intended for those who're adequately instructed to utilize asa paper format, when writing their proposals, dissertations as well as other research works. If you're eager to learn more about an asa paper, look for additional manuals online or hire those who help with writing research papers.

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Like many other research paper formats, an asa paper also should comply with certain rules. Let’s look through them:

  • All text (that's also true for references and footnotes) need to be double spaced with a font size 12 points.
  • Margins should be 1¼ inches on four sides.
  • Your research paper should have a separate title page, where one could easily find the title, your name and the name of the educational institution, where your study, word count (including references and footnotes), credits, title footnote (including all the necessary names and addresses), grants and acknowledgements.
  • If required, provide a brief (150-250 words) abstract with the title on a separate page.
  • Start the text on a separate page. It should be headed with the title of your paper.

You need to adhere to the following rules:

  • If there's an author's name in the text, you require following it with the publication year in your parentheses.
  • If there aren't any authors' names in the research paper, you need to enclose the last name as well as year in the parentheses.
  • If there's a page number, it should follow the year of publication right after a colon and there shouldn't be space between the page number and colon.
  • If there are there authors in the research paper, place all the last names in the first citation of the text. Afterwards, you require using the first name as well as "et al". As for three or more names, you should use the first author's last name along with "et al".
  • Quotations in your research paper should start and end with corresponding quotation marks. The citation should follow the end-quote mark and precede the period.

In this section of your writing work you should meet the following requirements:

  • You require avoiding footnotes. However, if required you can use footnotes for citing materials of limited availability or for adding information presented in tables.
  • Footnotes need to be numbered consecutively throughout your research paper with superscript Arabic numerals.

We’re getting closer to the end, so keep to these recommendations:

  • Place references following the texts as well as endnotes in a separate section under the title «References».
  • List all the references cited in your text.
  • Your references need to be double-spaced and they should be arranged in alphabetical order by authors’ last names.
  • Make use of hanging indention.
  • Multiple items need to be arranged by the same author in order by the year of their publication.
  • Utilize six hyphens along with a period (------.) instead of the names for repeated authorship.
  • Works written by the same author need to be distinguished by adding letters. For instance, 1993b, 1993c, etc.
  • Make use of italics for books as well as periodical titles.
  • Use «N.d» instead of the date if there’s no date available.
  • Books

The basic form for your book needs to include the following elements:

  • The author’s last name with a comma after it and his or her first name as well as middle initial, which ends with a period.
  • The year of publication should be followed by a period.
  • The state and city of the publication should follow by a colon and the name of the publisher closed with a period.
  • Journal articles

Typically, the basic form for a journal article should include the following things:

  • The author's last name, followed by a comma as well as the first name along with middle initial with a period at the end.
  • The year of publication, which should be followed by a period.
  • The title of an article in quotations should end with a period inside the final quotation mark.
  • The title of journal should be in italics and no period needs to follow.
  • Those articles retrieved from a commercial database should have clearly identified database sources as well as date of retrieval.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles

The basic form for a magazine or newspaper entry should include:

The author's last name should be followed by a comma. Then the first name as well as middle with a closing period need to be placed.

The year of publication should end with a period.

The title of an article in quotations should be closed with a period inside the final quotation mark.

The name of a magazine or newspaper in italics should be followed by a comma.

Don't forget to specify the date of publication and place a comma after it.

As in other sections, articles retrieved from an online database should come with database sources, not to mention the date of retrieval.

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