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Essay assignments are divided into several types. They are: expository, persuasive, analytical and argumentative. As for the argumentative essay, this type is the one where your goal is to prove that your point of view (theory or hypothesis) regarding proper issue is more correct and right than opinions of others. In other words, you have to argue for your point of view. With this statement, you can not only tell the reader what you think regarding this or that issue, but also have a chance to convince them that your opinion is correct.

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  • The argument is focused.
  • The argument is a clear statement, which means that it cannot be a question.
  • Your opinion is supported by a valid evidence.
  • The essay is based on pros and cons: arguments in favor and against the main point.
  • The approach is well-structured.
  • There is an awareness of intended audience.
  • The evidence is totally convincing.
  • The language is not boring, all statements are loud and clear.
  • The paragraphs are logical, each paragraph contains one single point (or topic, if appropriate).
  • The progression from one paragraph to another is natural and coherent.
  • The thesis is ended with a strong conclusion, all points are summarized.

As you can see, the objective of argumentative thesis statement is to persuade the reader to accept the viewpoint of the author. Therefore, this paper requires guiding upon an arguable point and proving it appropriately. Let us look through some necessary steps you should take if you want to build you essay successfully.

Step one. First of all, you need to be aware of the argumentative thesis. By thesis, we mean a few sentences summarizing the main purpose of your essay. In this type of paper you have to make a claim concerning define subject. Later, the body of your argumentative essay will demonstrate why your claim is fair and supports your point of view.

Step two. Then, you should look for a controversial point. This paper shows the claim which can be discussed and provides reader with the evidence for why it is logical and right. You need to think thoroughly about the topic of your paper and find out, which viewpoint is most likely could be argued for and against. Once you have chosen the viewpoint, write down a few sentences explaining it to the audience.

Step three. After that is done, don't think you can proceed to further writing. First, make sure your thesis is clear, not boring and not too broad. The success of a good statement also depends on how narrow it is. Take into consideration that is has to be narrow enough because the essay itself isn't a long story. Your thesis is a statement of a specific opinion that you plan to argue and therefore it has to be written within the page limit.

Step four. Now it's time to pick the right claim which will help you keep your thesis narrow. Claims are usually divided into several types. They are: claims of cause and effect (the connection between an action and a result), claims of definition or fact (it maintains the existence of given fact or definition), claims regarding values (they show the attitude of society regarding a defined issue), and the last one is claims about policies (which support certain policy or refute). The right claim for your paper depends on your position and knowledge of the topic, your potential reader and the purpose of the paper as a whole. To choose it, you have to imagine your audience standing in front of you and it will help you understand which one of the claims could convince the audience better. Note, even if you start writing and use only one type of claim, there is still a possibility that you will use a few within your essay.

Step five. Make sure your argumentative thesis is allocated properly. It has to appear in the end of paper's introduction. Remember that introduction serves to introduce your topic, create interest, provide essential background data, define and present your main idea and preview the rest of your essay. As a rule, the introduction takes one paragraph at the beginning of the essay.

When your essay (or the first draft) is written, you have to check whether it meets the following requirements:

  • It is clear and reasonable. Obviously, if you want to make a good impression, you have to show that your arguments are as logical as possible.
  • It is debatable. Many students face difficulties with this issue, although it is very important if your goal is to convince the reader that your viewpoint is solid.
  • It is arguable. In order to prove the validity of your argumentative thesis statement, you have to support it with concern evidence.
  • There has to be your opinion. Pay attention, not someone else's, but yours exactly. It is one of the golden rules when writing an argumentative thesis statement that there is a unique opinion of the author.

As you can see, it is not easy to build a good argumentative thesis statement. Anyway, we have something to offer you that could definitely ease you headache. We can help you create a good and effective paper so that your professor could be completely satisfied with your work.

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