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Nowadays, the APA (or American Psychological Association) writing format is widely used in crafting different types of academic papers, especially when it comes to scientific subjects. There are certain changes that you need to stay updated with, as a good student, and they are adapted in response to the latest electronic technology. For example, if you need to write a quality critical reaction paper, take into consideration helpful pointers and follow the necessary guidelines to get a high grade for your coursework. If this task is still too complicated for you, don’t worry because you can always use the services of professional writers, such as the ones offered by our team of qualified specialists.

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There are 2 popular types of all papers written in different fields using this famous style: experimental reports and literature reviews, and each one has its own requirements and rules about the sections that should be included. This means you need to remember them when writing your academic papers in the same field.

  • Literature reviews are the detailed and critical summaries of what books say about your chosen essay topic or issue. Tutors may ask students to do this academic coursework or their book report to demonstrate and prove their familiarity with the materials and sources in the fields pertinent to the research you want to conduct in the near future. There are specific sections that should be included: a title page, list of references, and introduction section. You may be asked by professors to write an abstract, and that’s why you always need to check your given academic assignments. Keep in mind that the length of this APA sample paper and its list of sources may vary based on your course and given instructions. Besides, understand that this paper and an annotated bibliography are not the same, so if you are asked to write the latter one, you need to a completely different job than this book review format.
  • As a student, you’ll be asked by professors to write a quality experimental report for your future research. Its structure is more complex compared to the first type because it follows a scientific method, but the good news is that writing this academic paper becomes an easy task if you are familiar with a few simple clues. Another option is to get professional School Tests Preparation homework help, such as the one provided by our essay writing company. You need to understand why the chosen topic is important for readers (discuss it in your introduction). Don't forget to identify the main problem in the same section and state your effective methods to solve it, but they should be listed in your methods section. You also need to provide readers with detailed information about what you found in the results section and what you think about the meaning of your findings (cover it in the discussion section). This means that this APA sample paper must include such sections as an abstract, title page, introduction, results, methods, discussion, appendices (when needed), references, and figures or tables. Make sure you know all guidelines for your future coursework before starting to do it.
  • Other APA paper types. Students also write academic papers that don’t belong to neither of the above-mentioned categories. If you are asked for the same, check the latest manuals, talk to your advisors, and get their guidelines. The most important thing when writing any APA sample paper is to include as many sections as needed based on the best way to present your material, and you should take into account future readers when doing your coursework.
  • Their previous required measurement was 1 and a half inch, but now they should be on all sides and only 1 inch.
  • Font sizes and types. The right font for any APA sample paper is Times New Roman, 12-pt.
  • The whole documents should be double-spaced, including its tables, figures, footnotes, and appendices. If you are interested in the right spacing after punctuation, you should space once after colons, commas, and semicolons within all sentences.
  • Text alignments and indentation. They must be flush left (alighted to the left side), this creating an uneven right margin.
  • Running heads and short titles. They should be placed at the top of all pages in your APA papers. Remember that short titles are 2 or 3-word (or 50 characters) derivation of their main ones, and they shouldn’t be confused with running heads because they are typed flush right. Ask your professor if they are required for your academic coursework because not all papers should include them.
  • Active voice. When looking for personal statement tips or other guidelines on APA paper formatting, you should understand that this style required the impersonal form in the past, and this means that you should avoid using such words as "We" or "I". However, now things changed so that you need to make your academic papers as active as possible.
  • The right order of pages. The basic rule is that it should follow one strict thesis format (your title page, brief abstract, the main body, references, and so on. Don’t forget that the page number must be 1 inch from the right corner of any APA paper and on the first line of all pages, and a title page always serves as the first page.

They include a title page, abstract, paper body, and your references, so this rule is simple to remember, but some students still fail to structure their academic papers accordingly.

  • Your title page must include the title (not more than 12 words), name, and important institutional affiliations.
  • Your abstract is a short summary of the whole paper (not more than 150 words), which is coherent, readable, and accurate according to APA manuals.

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