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APA is an abbreviation for American Psychology Association and it is meant for citation and formatting style. The purpose of APA formatting style is to make academic writing clear and simple. It highlights the ideas and doesn't focus on the presentation of the idea itself. The appropriate usage of APA style guarantees moving forward the idea by means of good manuscript structure, word choice, graphics and references. This approach is characterized by narrow and precise manner of presenting information. However, in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives in scientific writing, it is essential to follow the rules of APA style. Such rules are created to provide coherent presentation of written research material. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the elements which compose APA rules. They are: punctuation and abbreviation, construction of tables, selection of headings, citation of references and, finally, presentation of statistics.

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As a matter of fact, if you are asked to write a paper in APA style, you'd better use a good template, which could guide you throughout writing your research paper.

First of all, the template is always necessary when you do something for the first time. So if you have never written any research paper in APA style before, looking at a proper template will be really helpful for you. It will show you the right usage of margins, page numbers, etc. Of course, you may know by heart all the APA formatting style requirements, but until you employ it on your own at least once, you can never be sure how your paper should look like. Anyway, take a look at the information below in order get acquainted with major paper sections you will see in the APA paper template.

  • Your paper is going to be typed, double-spaced on 8.5×11-inch paper. Use 1 margins on all sides, font Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • The running head is necessary and should be allocated at the top of each page. Note, it is limited to fifty characters and has to be written in all capital letters.
  • Title page. This is the first page of the paper. It includes the title of your paper, your name (as the author's name) and the institutional affiliation. The running head has to be included flush left along with the page number. Allocate the title in upper and lowercase cantered in the upper half of the page. Your name will be under the title and the institutional affiliation will be under your name.
  • This is what is going to be next after the title page. It starts with a new separate page. As it has already been mentioned, there is also a running head here. The word «Abstract» should be written on the first line of the abstract page at the center without formatting, underlining, etc. in the abstract section you need to summarize the key viewpoints of your paper, methodology, results of the research, and conclusion. This is going to be a single paragraph, so you cannot write more than 250 words. By the way, you may include the key words, if needed.
  • The body. Here, you are to write down complete information regarding your research. This section is common with similar sections in other formatting styles.
  • The list of references appears at the end of your research paper. Its goal is to provide the potential reader with information essential if he wants to locate and retrieve some source cited in your paper. References should begin on a new page separated from the rest of the text in your body. Put the word «References» in the center of the page without any formatting.

These are the basic issues you should know about what you will see in the APA paper template. Now you can get familiar with APA stylistics.

  • Your point of view. The interesting thing is, in APA style you are allowed to use the first person when expressing your opinion. By this, we mean that you can build sentences like "I researched" or "we explored", etc.
  • Clearness of your language. This is a very important issue if you don't want to mislead your readers because of the diffusion of sentences or their complexity. Therefore, try to be specific and coherent when providing a description or an explanation.
  • Word choice. Be very attentive when picking words and terms. The point is, sometimes the same words present different meanings, which can mislead the reader and have a bad effect on your paper as a whole. Also, it is very important to avoid bias. You have to imagine how your audience perceive the information provided in your paper and try to control every word you use.
  • Keep clear of poetic language. Obviously, this is not the right place to express your romantic nature, so your writing style cannot be creative or literary at all. This is just not the way to make your research paper clear and simple, which is the main characteristic of APA style. In view of the above, you should avoid figurative language like metaphors or analogies, with the exception that they may help in developing your main idea; reduce usage of alliteration and rhyming schemes; write with simple words, artless adjectives and constructions that will not distort the significance or your research.

These are the basic regulations and principles of APA formatting style. You will find the evidence of preceding material if you use APA paper template for the guidance.

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