What Is the APA Lab Report Format?

Laboratory reports (also called experimental reports) are research papers that are often assigned for students on various educational levels. One should interpret them as a short story of an empirical research where a student demonstrates his potential audience how he did his research. When writing this kind of research paper, students need to prove the validity of their research, as well as reliability, explain the meaning of their results and connect them to their previous research. As it usually happens when it comes to a research paper, students meet with all its difficulties and think of it like of a hard mission. For this reason, we would like to enlighten the key aspects of dealing with this uneasy work.

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All laboratory papers are usually written in both general and specific forms. The point is, you need to start it broad with an introduction and presentation of the used informational sources, continue with a narrow part providing the hypothesis, methodology and the results of your research and, finally, your paper will turn into a general discussion again, describing various trends relating to your research, its significance, etc.

When writing your report, remember that it requires a title page. As for the formatting of a title page, there should be fulfilled the following requirements: make a running head and page numbers in the upper right corner; the running head definition has to be allocated just below the running head itself and written with all big letters; the title of the laboratory report has to be put in the center of the title page and followed by your name and affiliation.

When your title page is done, you are ready to proceed to writing the report. However, before writing, think thoroughly what the objective of your writing actually is. What you consider to be of that significance that you want to share it with others or what kind of discovery you made that you want to present. Therefore, before starting to write your APA lab report, try to answer the following questions:

  • What precisely kind of information you want to share?
  • What literature is the most relevant to your research paper?
  • How the results of your research prove your hypothesis?
  • What conclusions can you make in regard to your achievements?

Note that each part of your laboratory report has to be concentrated on the research. There should not be paragraphs providing unnecessary information just to fill the space. You need to think thoroughly of every detail and make you laboratory report as constructive as possible.

When it's time for the abstract, you need to think of your report in a general manner and meet the following requirements:

  • Make it brief and narrow, no more than 100-120 words.
  • Your abstract has to be a miniature version of your original report. Therefore, make it self-contained and give a complete picture of the purpose and significance of your report.
  • The abstract has to be organized the same way as the whole laboratory report. Provide it with an introduction, references, methodology, the results and, properly, the discussion.
  • Pay attention that your abstract needs to be written when all your research paper is completed.

When it's time for the introduction in your APA lab report, remember that it has to provide both general and specific picture of your research. At first, you need to give information regarding the general problem of your research. And then, to introduce a brief overview of the subject of your research. There have to be three essential parts, such as the opening sentence, the literature review and, finally, the overview of the subject.

  • As for the opening sentence, it has to determine the problem in a broad manner and be followed by literature overview.
  • As for the literature review, it has to provide information regarding the previous studies in the area of your research and keep a clear and concise form. Tell what is already achieved in this area (without giving the whole history of the research) and what are the gaps regarding this issue. Remember that it has to be followed by the final part of your research paper
  • As for the study overview, it needs to provide information about your hypothesis and contain a short presentation of the methodology, with the help of which you made your research.

When writing all the parts of your experimental report, keep in mind that you always need to write in a very constructive, coherent manner. You need to present your work to the readers in such a way that they could easily comprehend every detail you provide. Therefore, it is better to write without lots of abbreviations and instead use simple and understandable language.

As you can see after reading the above-provided information, writing an APA lab report is not really easy. In order to have more precise imagination of how it has to be completed, we suggest considering a well-written APA lab report example. Having said that, we would also like to offer you something more helpful like our assistance. We help students all over the world deal with their educational assignments and accept challenges in their study without feeling stressed and nervous. All you need to do is only us, provide us with detailed information in concern to your assignment, make an order and let us worry instead of you. As a matter of fact, we have a wide range of services, some of which are listed below.

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